A Modern Day Photographer

YSYM Films specializes in Event, Landscape, Action/Sports, Live performance and Portrait photography. We know how to capture every important moment. Plus we add our own unique style and flare to every capture, creating an almost flawless 1 of 1 experience for each of our clients.

YSYM FILMS Jay "Nemi9" Action / Sports portfolio 

YSYM FILMS Jay "Nemi9" Art gallery, exhibit portfolio 



YSYM FILMS Jay "Nemi9" Car Inventory, Stock photos portfolio 



YSYM FILMS Jay "Nemi9"  Dynamic Portrait portfolio


YSYM FILMS Jay "Nemi9"  Event Photography portfolio

YSYM FILMS Jay "Nemi9"  Family Events portfolio

YSYM FILMS Jay "Nemi9"  Fashion  portfolio

YSYM FILMS Jay "Nemi9"  Landscape  portfolio

YSYM FILMS Jay "Nemi9"  Live Performance portfolio 

YSYM FILMS Jay "Nemi9" Branding & Commercial Photography portfolio

YSYM FILMS Jay "Nemi9" Real Estate Photography portfolio

Top Shots

Collection of  YSYM FILMS best shots 

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Brooklyn, NY

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