A Modern Day Photographer

YSYM Films specializes in Event, Landscape, Action/Sports, Live performance and Portrait photography. We know how to capture every important moment. Plus we add our own unique style and flare to every capture, creating an almost flawless 1 of 1 experience for each of our clients.

GYSL Chris Soccer Game Pic Foot Work.jpg
Calgary Flames Pro Scrimmage game
Championship team trophies .jpg
Ice Skating In Harlem Event Performance-13
Calgary Flames Pro Scrimmage game-4
Calgary Flames Pro Scrimmage game-7
Calgary Flames Pro Scrimmage game GOOF OFF
Chris moving well with the ball towards goal_edited
Soccer kick Logo for players.jpg
Calgary Flames Pro Scrimmage game-3
Vintage team handshake GWYSL.jpg
From Adidas to Nike Soccer at its best.jpg
Cutting someone legs crossover.jpg
Calgary Flames Pro Scrimmage game-6
Ice Skating In Harlem Event Performance-15
Vintage GYSL Soccer Players run.jpg
Fast break on deck 3.jpg
Kids Flag Football.jpg
Calgary Flames Pro Goalie Brian Elliott-12
Brand Jordan with Championship trophies.jpg
cutting someone legs 4.jpg
Ice Skating In Harlem Event Performance
Vintage GYSL Soccer Game Pic 4.jpg
Fast Break on deck 2.jpg
Japanese race boat.jpg
Championship Team trophies on bench.jpg
Chris final goal of the season_edited
The Chase is On Flag Football.jpg
Vintage GWYSL Goalie shot .jpg
Flag Football Jimmy running.jpg
Cutting someone legs 9.jpg
Vintage GYSL Soccer Game Pic Throw In.jpg
Cutting someone legs 10.jpg
Chris using his body to deflect soccer ball.jpg
Americas cup race boats various.jpg
Vintage GYSL Soccer empire state.jpg
Artemis race sweden Boat Americas cup.jpg
Kids Celebrating Flag Football.jpg
Soccer Practice Inside kick towards the net.jpg

Sport / Action Photography

YSYM Films loves capturing amateur and professional level Sport / Action photography. We can capture your athlete sports moments in a variety of dynamic ways, that will cause you to want to purchase large portraits of that timeless moment.