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Our Mission

The streets are filled with opportunities for people to show off their unique styles, and this is exactly what YSYM FILMS counts on when they’ve got their camera in hand.

YSYM Films are a full service Digital Promotion & Production company. Photography, Music videos, Indie Film, Performance EPK's, Interviews, Promo videos, Product videos, Weddings, Portraits, Sport / Action photography, Landscape photography, Red carpet events, Postcards, Shirts, other custom merchandise & Media. Lead by Photographer Jason "Jaynemi9" Turner is now a respected and well-renowned Photographer & Cinematographer.  Why?  Perhaps it is his technical skills or his unique approach and creative edge, most likely, it's a combination of the three. To find out more, get in touch today.

Join our Photo release program. Let YSYM Films photograph you and create a stock photo that will potentially generate you a 30% commission from the total net profit generated from sales using your likeness inside our online gallery.

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